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Manicure at Home – Step by Step | Salon Style Perfect Nails | SuperPrincessjo


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How To Do MANICURE at Home perfect nails Salon style manicure DIY STEP BY STEP tips SuperPrincessjo

DIY How to do easy Manicure at Home for perfect nails
DIY How to do easy Manicure at Home
Do it yourself manicure at home.

Love those pretty sexy clean nails ? want to have your nails clean all the time?
I am sharing with you my Do it yourself manicure at home tips so that you can get yourself pretty easy inexpensive manicure at home within 15-30 Minutes anytime anywhere .

This helps to make your hands look great .

Remove Nailpolish.
Remove dead cuticles grown on nails. Better use a cuticle creme it helps to remove faster.
Remove dead skin around cuticles and nails
Shape your Nails into the desired shape
Massage hands.
Apply vaseline for smoothness and shine.
Wash in lukewarm water.
Use a cotton clothe to clean dry hands.

How often you require Manicure depends on what type of work you so with your hands. It can depend on your nail growth, nail health and how often your nails get dirty. So decide by yourself when you require nail manicures .
DIY How to do easy Manicure at Home

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  1. when she is talking i guess she is crying

  2. It can cut your nails

  3. 1:48 what is the name of this tool?

  4. ‫رضا نظری‬‎


  5. Your nail is very nice

  6. ‫شيماء عدنان‬‎

    والله عبالي جاي اسوين عملية .ههههه. من كثر هاي الادوات

  7. You have to scrub the nails.. that’s no good !

  8. 1:51 That looks painful.

  9. thanks now i have my nails after 1.5 hours of manicure

  10. It looks painful

  11. so nicely done….going to try today….

  12. Elizabeth Cuccia

    my nails are crying at the thought of filing the top to “get rid of the
    yellow”. filing the top is a bad idea, because it weakens your nails no
    matter how much strengthener you put on. the yellow on the nails is just a
    side effect of wearing nail polish. to get rid of the yellow, just stop
    wearing polish for a while. your nails will grow, and the yellow will fade.
    but yellow nails are something to be proud of! they show how addicted to
    nail polish you are! 😛 overall a good tutorial, and it showed me what the
    forked tool was for xD

  13. who is watching in 2016

  14. Sahar Khursheed

    4:45 looks like she hurt her pinky finger while removing dead skin

  15. 2:00 what if i cut my skin ? is it possible ?

  16. i know this video is old but how often do i do this manicure

  17. I was always told, never use a metal file.

  18. Just a tip. Cuticles can split if they’re dry and you push them back, It’s
    better to keep them moist and hydrated so they can smush back better XD

  19. an advice……… pls avoid using metal filers!!!!!!!!! they are not good
    for your nails and cause chipping and easy breaking of you nils!!!!!1 BTW
    nice video! kep it up!! thanks<3

  20. I like this video

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