Zombie Barbie

Halloween is coming up! Who else is going as a Zombie this year?! All you need is liquid latex, tissue paper, and fake blood to look like a Zombie Barbie! Haha!

I was inspired by the sfx makeup artist on The Walking Dead.

Watch my Barbie Transformation Tutorial:

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Blog post about fake blood and gore

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How to Be a Heartbreaker

Music in order:

How to Be a Heartbreaker
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Valley of the Dolls

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  1. well , in the makeup

  2. That part when she uses scissors to cut the tissue the paper omg it looks
    like she’s cutting her skin 

  3. emily emily emily

    i did it for my hellowen costume,im so proud of myself :P

  4. Savannah Laliberty

    I remember when she first just posted this I was like six years old. This
    scared the shot out of me haha

  5. song?

  6. “BARBIEcue”😂

  7. Exploring With Aries

    more like zombie melanie martinez. lol, liked the vid

  8. That just Barbie makeup actually suits you

  9. I remember that when I first watched this video in 2012, I would cover my
    eyes bc I would b scared of the zombie barbie, and now its just awesome.

  10. When I was little I used to be scared of this video but now I’m not

  11. this is the vid that got me into marina and the diamonds yoooo 😭💖

  12. Syahira Mohtar

    hey michelle, is your sister promise phan?

  13. Forgotmyusername

    Michelle is what got me into marina and the diamonds

  14. When you are REAL barbie you are SO cutie but when you are a ZOMBIE barbie
    you are CREEPY!!!!😜😜😜

  15. the zombie barbie looks like me when i wake up in the morning

  16. U act like you are a zombie person when your not u ugly faker

    • +watty girl why are even watching this video if all you do is hate.she
      didn’t do anything to you so back to your cave you troll.

    • Go to school, grow up a little and learn that being a brat and a troll will
      get you nowhere in life. Have a wonderful day, hun x

  17. I remember when this first came out my smol child self was scared shitless

  18. oh my got

  19. 2012?!
    woah I remmember this video in my subscriptions box like yesturday

  20. Anyone else reminded of a zombie Pacifica?

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