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Original Sliced Finger SFX makeup tutorial

Make it look like your finger has been sliced all the way through and the tip is about to slide off.
This is a recreation of a makeup I posted on Instagram 18 months ago. I've seen several explanations and videos of how to do it but wanted to share how I originally created it.

Big thanks to Freakmo for suggesting this tutorial. Check her out here

What you'll need to create this look is:
Nose and scar wax
Spirit gum or prosaide
Petroleum jelly
Sculpting tools
Mix of brushes and sponges
Skin illustrator palettes or cream makeups
Blood (preferably an aged or dark colour)

For supplies to recreate this makeup check out:

I decided to shoot this tutorial from the same perspective that I see while creating work. Let me know in the comments below if you prefer this angle.

Me in other places…



Design work

"The House of Leaves" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Warning: Be safe and only work with what you understand. With any makeup please make sure you patch test on the skin before applying materials to yourself or someone else to ensure there's no allergic reaction.

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  1. boring

  2. ……

  3. So horor

  4. Dude this is so cool! This is probly one of the best horror special effects
    videos I’ve seen!

  5. Someone said ur name is bad

  6. i have trypophobia.. im watching this channel.. to somehow get over my

  7. Hold on… doesn’t SFX stand for “Sound Effects” ? And VFX “Visual Effects”

  8. Looks great but there would be WAY more blood from a cut like that…

    • Yeah. I agree. I think the use of so little blood for that makes it seem
      far less realistic for what he’s trying to achieve. Almost like an aged bad
      sew on job of the tip of the finger, rather than it being sliced off.

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  10. It looks so real! It creeps me out!

  11. someone stole your video named devil makeup

  12. Skittles Skillz

    Your like a magic guy

  13. Zachary Martinez

    It looks so real

  14. Amanda loves wolves

    I’m trying to find videos like this but with no,makeup I can’t do this with
    makeup I’m allergic really bad

  15. ‫דפנה רייכנברג‬‎

    It actually physiclly hurts to watch this video

  16. Salma MT (Salmz)

    looks like a one inch wonder to me 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. You should fake your fingers cut off :)

  18. Kovács Korina

    I’m from Instagram. Who else? :D

  19. I Did This, But It Looks Horrible Because I Font Have Good Paints Like You.

  20. I love your accent

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