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Hanging Eye Neon Zombie — FX Makeup Tutorial

This is the third of six neon zombaes in the series! This series is designed to show the range of different looks you can do using the most accessible products and the most foundational teachings. With these, you should be able to put together zombies of your own, with whatever colors or injuries you prefer! This is the yellow zombae- but be sure to check out the orange and pink ones too! More to come!

The specific colors I'm using for this series are Kryolan UV activated aquapaints which means they glow under blacklight. They look different in regular light so keep that in mind if you choose to use these- you'll want to pick your colors based on what kind of light you'll be in.

Singular white mesh contact is from CamoEyes.com and extensions are Bellami's Lily.

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  2. You are so pretty.

  3. Alejandro Vallencci

    With every video, I think ‘she can’t get any wilder or better at face
    prosthetics’. And each time, I’m surprised at how good she is

  4. We're out of milk

    I love you fr

  5. So….. Are there still 3 more coming?

  6. Can you still open the covered eye?

  7. TheBeautybyClaudia

    Everyday an inspiration! You’re amazing! I love your work! <3

  8. Wherever did this series go?

  9. You, ma’am, are a gorgeous undead vixen!! You’re a Zom-ba-bay! ROTFLMAO –I
    WHIP MY EYE BACK AND FORTH?! Oh girl, you didn’t even have to try,
    SUBSCRIBED!!! Yay!

  10. Peculiar Madness

    I remember when this was posted. I was with my out of town family at the
    time for thanksgiving. I was on YouTube, just looking at what I was going
    to watch later. I saw the picture and I gasped so loudly because I was so
    excited. That scared my family so I had to show them it. They were so
    disgusted by it and I was just laughing because I’m just like “oh just wait
    until I become a makeup artist, you’ll be seeing a lot more than that.”

  11. Oriana McPherson

    Does she really not have any eyebrows? 😁

  12. how does she remove her makeup?

  13. Mykielangelo 🙏🏻

  14. Omg she doesn’t have eyebrows 😩 she’s adorable without them just omg. Some
    people can’t rock no eyebrows but she own it just omg. I’m so freaking
    excited and surprise. She’s beautiful 😍

  15. SincerelyCallie

    “it’s like icing a cake, a popped out eye ball cake…
    a cake pop!”

  16. ᖴᑌᘔᘔY-ᗰOTO KITTY

    What a great thing to watch at 2:30am!

  17. тangledlover13

    Can you imagine if she ordered pizza and opened the door like this

  18. can you do a video about your sfx makeup supplies and how you store them? x

  19. Who just watch her videos and doesn’t do the makeup at ALL

  20. there’s 3 more zombaes in the future?? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

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