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Hacked Hand With Exposed Bone – SFX Makeup Tutorial

I’ve been feeling like doing special effects makeup lately, so heres another of many SFX looks i’ve created! A hacked hand with exposed bones! Simple, easy and effective horror look!

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  1. Bianca Paige Robinson

    Wow this is sooo cool I’m trying this so Halloween

  2. can u make a vid where u repeat the same thing with other makeup stuff and
    go fown the street like u are a zombie :)

  3. Ben Nye. Bill Nye…coincidence? I think not.

  4. FX Contact Lenses

    Love it! Great work +Bianca Jay 🙂 and informative video tutorial.

  5. iHeartBratayley

    What if your allergic to latex???

  6. lovemia10108 aj

    +Bianca Jay very good video i will have to do this sometimes btw you earned
    a new sub

  7. what if your black

  8. ciao sono jasmine e ho 11 anni io e il mio fratellino JAWAD siamo molto
    affascinati da queste cose e vorremmo il numero di telefono è l’ indirizzo
    perché per halloween invece che un costume vorremmo una cosa così che sono
    magnifiche 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  9. its cool

  10. its better to use the chicken bones

  11. Mohammed Kareemuddin Afroz

    I have done this, so it was very scary & my friends told me that it is real

  12. Assortment Productions

    you are REALY good I mean REALY GOOD!!!1!

  13. looks kinda fake…. maybe if you put something that looks like flesh under
    the space where the “bones” are

  14. light red. that looks purple

  15. I actually thought you had your hand cut

  16. what if im black? that wax stuff wont blend with my skin….

  17. +sheridanpaige yes modelling wax is fine

  18. You can use anything silicone based or even the product 3rd Degree, if
    you’re allergic to latex.

    • nao sei

    • Sorry to be a bother where do you get your equipment and is there any
      allergic reactions to the materials you use

    • +Mark Reshetar Most of the product I use are brought from a SFX and makeup
      shop around where I live, if you don’t have a shop like that where you
      live, there’s always the option to just buy everything online.
      Some people do get allergic reactions to certain products, people with
      latex allergics cannot use products such as liquid latex etc. other than
      that if a person has hyper-sensitive skin, they could react to a lot of
      different adhesives and different product removers.

    • It actually looks real

  19. I wouldn’t recomend using baby oil, as oil acts as a remover against the
    spirit gum thats underneath the scar wax. So if you were to use oil to
    smooth down the edges, the oil will begin to make the scar wax lift and
    thus fall off your hand. Moisturiser is the best option to use in this

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