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Spring & Summer Neon Makeup Tutorial with BH Cosmetics


In this tutorial professional makeup artist, Kim Young, shows you how to create a bright Spring or Summer eye look using shimmer neon eyeshadow shades from BHCosmetics.

Products Used:

Eye and Lip Primer: http://bit.ly/oWetlc

120 Color Palette 4th Edition: http://bit.ly/ohHRxm

BH Liquid Eyeliner: http://bit.ly/uOqpwc

False Eyelashes in "Sassy": http://bit.ly/tcNMlN

10 Color Professional Blush Palette: http://bit.ly/q1q9DA

66 Lip Color Palete: http://bit.ly/n6m9Jo

Angled Shadow Brush: http://bit.ly/vpAmOi

Classic Smudge Brush: http://bit.ly/urPRcC

Blending Brush: http://bit.ly/t6wW7v

Angled Definer Brush: http://bit.ly/rt00Ky

Powder Brush: http://bit.ly/rt00Ky


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  1. Very beautiful

  2. Oh gosh the smile near the end

  3. Patricia Sanchez

    Gorgeous!! <3 

  4. Boss Lady Artistry

    Now this unlike the other video is good. Great work!!

  5. PsychoAusgeflippt

    Nice and simple 🙂 

  6. very cool i must try this new look .

  7. Beautiful! 

  8. That look is so nice on the model. The purple and pink brought out her eye
    color. But would those colors look good on my dark skin?

  9. aphrodites heiress

    Hey I just started a new makeup and beauty channel, give it a look and
    subscribe??? THank you!!!

  10. caitylovescolors

    Lovely! Wish I could see better of the front view while you were applying!

  11. Mandi Chiem (Mistava)

    Its a cute look, but I think you need to focus the camera on her face from
    the front more than from her profile. It’ll help us get what you mean when
    speaking. =)

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