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Royal Purple Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial with BH Cosmetics


In this beauty tutorial professional makeup artist, Julia Romanenko, shows you how to create a royal purple smoky eye look using the BHCosmetics 120 Color Palette 5th Edition. This look is great for a night on the town during Spring and Summer seasons!

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Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/BHCosmetics/videos/avon

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  1. EverythingGirls xo

    i would do a more nude lip, but otherwise, it was very nice!

  2. I love the purple, but it was a bit to much darkness around pass the upper
    crease of the eye. This look is great for movie or dramatic editorial look.
    Are it could be the lighting making it look to dark.

  3. Cutelilmonkey88

    Always do a natural lip with dark eyes! The purple is pretty though! =) 

  4. I love this, it so dramatic and beautiful! I can see this in a movie, or
    play, but not for everyday makeup :)

  5. ninjacheech123

    that model is so freaking perfect 😀 

  6. StingingwithqueenC

    she should have put on concealer after the eye makeup because the eyeshadow
    makes it look like she has serious dark circles

  7. kaitlyn quesada

    so what its fine for her age (model) and for kids or teenagers its not fine
    fine. that makeup can be used in a movie!!!

  8. Miriam Viggars

    a nude lip would have been better

  9. I actually think the model is gorgeous….i guess some ppl r used to the
    typical models but there r different ethinicities and beauties…but the
    make was ok….might be with the lighting though…..cause with purples,
    lighting pick up the color better or it could look dark and not flattering
    with darker skin tones and dark circle….brighter eyes with less black but
    more light reflecting eyeshadow like a gold over it or white in the middle
    might have brought light to her face.I also think bron

  10. I think this is really pretty, but I don’t think it’s a very good look for
    everyday. I’d say more special occasion. :)

  11. too much make up 

  12. this would be a perfect look for Vegas or new years but NEVER everyday!!!

  13. Until around 1:12 it was fine after that it went too much. 

  14. Ashley Williams

    Indians have some of the best eyebrows!! The eye makeup was beautiful but
    the lips were way too bright and glossy a nude would have beeen better

  15. Fabulous!

  16. wow, i think this is not day look at all ;D

  17. BEAUTIFUL! :)

  18. She kinda looks like a drag queen -.-

  19. :O wow o.O

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