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Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to achieve a natural simple look with makeup.

I finally came around to doing this tutorial. =)

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Detailed instructions


Vanessa Paradis: St. Germain

Yiruma: The Moment

Yiruma: When Love Falls

The ending song is called L-O-V-E by Olivia Ong

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  1. 1:17 HELL YEA

  2. Who’s watching this in 1947 😭😭 hit that mf like button

  3. Djoudie Alexander

    she used only powder !

  4. Nostalgia

  5. Who is Watching it August 2016 ?

  6. Sabrena Whittler

    Can’t believe it’s been 10 years since watching her 😯

  7. Who watching this in 2016 😭😭

  8. alie_ amare etiam

    this video taught me everything i knew about makeup in high school

  9. can’t believe this was 9 years ago..ugh I feel old now

  10. I was 4 when this Video was uploaded, now I’m 13😂

  11. Caitlyn Tube 707

    This was 9 years ago OMG 😮😮😮😮😮😮

  12. 아미리샴마

    wow I was 6 when she posted this video😂😂😂

  13. abby and callie (the abby and callie show)

    I read the date as 2017 and I was like wtf how long have I been in

  14. Holy Twinkle Obina

    Am i the only one?? Who are sad because of the song backround??😞😞😪😷😂😂

  15. is anyone watching this in May 2016?? this sounds so much like ASMR

  16. I am watching in 300899 from my time jumping hotel. I heard there used to
    be things called trees and grass and plants. They sound really cool. Is
    this true or is it just a rumour made up by the clone girlz in my charging

  17. Who knows what year it is and doesn’t need reminding from YouTube comments?

  18. I’m using internet explorer, hope this gets here on time, Happy New Year

  19. anyone from the draw my life video???

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