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Monster High Catty Noir Doll Costume Makeup Tutorial for Halloween or Cosplay | KITTIESMAMA

Catty Noir Makeup Tutorial! Catty Noir from Monster High is taking a break from being a pop star to go to highschool! She introduced the new Monster High Song "We are Monster High!" Watch as Emma shows you how to do your costume cosplay makeup so you can look just like her for Halloween for a convention or just for fun!

Wig: Light In The Box
Face Paint: Snazaroo
Lipstick: Sally Beauty Supply
Lipgloss: NYX Lala
Mascara: Maybelline Big Lash
Glitter: Claires
Eyeshadow: 88 glitter palette from makeupartistchoice.com

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Monster Makeup Tutorials Emma has done so far at the time this video was posted: Frankie Stein, Holt Hyde, Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, Clawdeen, Clawdeen Dawn of the Dance, Abbey Bominable, Spectra Vondergeist, Gholia Yelps, C.A. Cupid, Cleo De Nile, Toralei Stripe, Scarah Screams, Venus McFlyTrap, Operetta, Rochelle Goyle, Robecca Steam, Meowlody and Purrsephone, Howleen Wolf, Skelita Calaveras, Jinafire Long, Catrine DeMew, Nefera De Nile, Twyla, and Catty Noir.
On our To-do list at this time, not necessarily in this order: Gigi, Grimmily Anne McShmiddlebopper, Gory Fangtell, Headless Headmistress, Bloodgood Daughter of Arachne, Jane Boolittle, Clawdia Wolf, Honey Swamp, Elissabat, and Viperine Gorgon. Monster High is so awesome with all these new dolls coming out! Yay! Emma also plans to do the Ever After High dolls! Stay tuned ghouls we've got allot coming up!

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  1. What did you have in your hand when you put on the Caty suit

  2. Ana Portillo Marquez

    I love your makeup Channel

  3. to all you brown people that are offended, she has painted her face BLACK
    not BROWN. you guys don’t own the colour black ffs

  4. I can I can’t wear makeup because I’m only 8

  5. Verenice Guardado


  6. Naziah 12th Hayes

    Cool cool cool cool cool cool

  7. Why does she wear makeup when she’s only 6

  8. How would you get that make up off!?

  9. she’s my little sister by the way she is not going to be 9 next week she is
    going to be 7 years old in a week

  10. Sarahng AJ - animaljam videos and more:3

    Her make up is better than mine 😞👌🏻well done

  11. She’s gotta be a millionaire from these videos :/

  12. Your preety

  13. Her parents let her do black face…

  14. isn’t this considered black face?

  15. The eyeliner doesn’t look right

  16. Jacqueline Sparrow

    this might be my favorite character. who am I kidding…… I like them all

  17. I think the mom didn’t do very good on the eyeliner just saying one is
    straight out and one is a kinda winged I guess

  18. Whos watching 2016?

  19. Patricia Samford

    Does anyone else feel slightly offended after watching this?!

  20. this little girl Is going to grow up some day…

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