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Metallic Eye Tutorial | Sephora | Rebel Eyes

Create the perfect metallic eye look with this tutorial from Sephora`s Beauty Studio Artist, Claudiavel.

Recreate the look by checking out the products featured in this video.

Kat Von D Metal Crush in Synergy: http://seph.me/2aKOIgF

Dior Fusion Mono in Météorer: http://seph.me/2apYx17

Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash Mascara: http://seph.me/2ax9E9j

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  1. Sweet girl, but the eye look made her under eyes look so puffy!

  2. Great video demo! I wonder what your take is on whether this is an ageless
    beauty technique. Would a 70-year old woman be able to pull this off?

  3. Can we see videos for shadowing drooping/hooded eyes?

  4. Sephora should post more videos with claudia

  5. More please!

  6. what a sweetheart this girl is <3

  7. Victoria Krivenkoff

    so cute and easy omg!

  8. what’re “rebel eyes”?

  9. missed the perfect opportunity to flip us off…

  10. Claudiavel, please marry me!

  11. This is such a beautiful summer and fall eye. Thanks for the tips.

  12. Everytime I see Claudia in a thumbnail I immediately click

  13. Do you already have eyeliner and mascara on? I know you said you had your
    makeup done already but I didn’t know if that includes the eye since it’s
    an eye look you’re doing.

    • I think she did. Well for sure eyeliner because it looked like she had
      tight lined her waterline and maybe her top too

  14. aleksandra83mercury

    Why are you selling us so many brushes then? ;)

  15. Dior Meteore is one of my all time fav eye products!

  16. Thank you for showing how easy it is to apply eyeshadow with your fingers!
    Brushes are not a necessity for achieving natural and youthful looks 🙂 I
    hardly ever wear makeup, and I wear eyeshadow even less, but when I do, I
    like using my fingers to get more color payoff.

  17. is this a joke?

  18. Really useful tutorial, and you’re so pretty😍

  19. Wow she is a beauty

  20. More videos with claudia

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