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How to make ANY lipstick MATTE | AlexandrasGirlyTalk


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I hope you enjoy this easy tutorial and find it useful! Matte lips are so perfect for any makeup look so I hope you try this tutorial out!

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here's the lipstick I'm wearing in this video 🙂 "Daredevil" by Em Cosmetics:

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the blending TRICK! Beauty hack for blending eyeshadow (works on hooded eyes)

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How to dry your nails FAST!!! (1 minute)

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  1. I loved the original color! but cool. thanks

  2. anyone else scared that lipstick would break?

  3. Baby powder works too! 😊

  4. Hi gorgeous…can this method work for liquid lipstick too

    • I tried it and it works perfectly fine with cream, suede, liquid, and high

    • Actually…i’ve a RK by Ruby lip lacquer. And,i really love it…it’s a
      glossy liquid lipstick. I tried it. And,i’m sorry to say that it didn’t
      work. I’m just going to look for a matte liquid lipstick,in that same shade.

  5. Why are your nostrils like that?

  6. Sara Mihajlović

    OMG I’ve just found your channel in the POPULAR area on the start page and
    just admired to your beauty whole video 😘 You’re beautiful! I’d like to
    have lips like those 💋
    By the way, what is your name on Instagram if you have?

  7. you remind me of vicky from season one of the vampire diaries lol

  8. your nose is WTF did you have plastic surgery

  9. Brianna Finucane

    She is so ugly and I hate her voice. That is my opinion. I don’t even know
    how she has so many subs. And plus everyone knows this if they have ANY
    social media. Soooooo I’m just saying…” I hate you.”

  10. wtf she is vry ugly

  11. the video pic was like Jessie J’s lips

  12. This might be stupid, but I don’t understand what the powder was. How do I
    get it? I’m not good with makeup. Someone help me out here.

  13. I had a Bratz doll that looked just like her…. o.O

  14. Mariana Esquibel

    did she ever get plastic surgery?
    because she scares me

    • saystar starstar

      +Patricia Laura if he not sure y r u answering nd no she didn’t hav plastic
      surgery she’s just naturally flawless u jealous haters

    • I’m not a hater hahahah well, wtv. I love her :*

    • nope she was born that way and because of people like you constantly making
      her feel bad about her nose she’s even considered getting a nose job

  15. what happened to ur nose??

  16. why does this video have so many views?! im not saying its bad it was
    helpful but like.. lipstick, 10,471,956 views?!!?!?!?!? thats crazy.

    why am *I* even whatching this!?!?!?! i dont even wear lipstick!! XD


    • Unsecured Jamaa

      omfg same stuff

    • I hate that so much! You have to fully watch it. Not just a second and
      leave. The whole thing!!!!

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    • Or you can click the not interested option 💁🏻

  18. You have lips like the bratz barbie dolls! It’s not a bad thing btw :)

  19. Onette “The lone Wanderer” Marionette

    shes so beautiful!!

  20. jessica simmons

    Not to gross anyone out but the stuff that makes it shiny is actually fish
    scales! Btw I love this video you just gained a new subscriber

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