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How To Get An Easy Smokey Eye With Sephora PRO David | Sephora

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Watch as Sephora PRO David teaches us how to achieve an easy smokey eye with cream shadow.

Products used:
tarte Clay Pot Waterproof Liner: http://seph.me/2cZ2FpY
Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Brush: http://seph.me/2bWE4AN

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  1. Can women over 40 do a smokey eye?

  2. Do we apply cream sticks the same way?

    • Hi there, you can use this method for cream sticks as well! You can also
      gently apply cream sticks directly to the eye and then blend out using a

  3. Tried this last night and it worked perfectly. Thanks!

  4. Love the video David!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  5. I love watching David work. I need him as my teacher. Love it!

  6. David, I love watching your videos as you do the makeup keeping it real and
    giving tips. Eyeliner as a cream shadow, that’s new to me!😊 I learn
    something new everyday! Did you choose the Tarte one because of it’s
    texture and composition or can I use Inglot, L’oreal or any other
    waterproof liner? Thank you! ❤

    • Thank you! Personally I love Tartes cream eyeliner. The consistency is
      perfection . It has enough emolliency to blend smoothly and easily. And the
      dry down time is perfect. Honestly it’s the only one I use all the time 😉

  7. so awesome! I have so many cream eye shadows!! Now I can use them!!

  8. Thank you David! That’s my look sorted for Saturday night out with the
    girls. I can see a practice session happening tomorrow :)

  9. This was great!! Love how you make it so easy for us!! I have brown eyes
    will brown still work?

    • Absolutely! There are various shades of brown also , so you can choose a
      cooler ( more grey) brown rather than a warmer( more red ) brown. That
      small difference will enhance your eye color !! 😀

  10. I love how you emphasize that we shouldn’t change the shape of our eyes,
    instead we should just accentuate it. Love this tutorial! Super helpful!
    Thanks, David!

  11. David u explain things in a way that is impossible to mess up!!! I love
    watching everything u do!!❤

  12. turn up the volume @Sephora i can’t hear even on loudest setting

  13. very helpfull video…..thank u sooooo much David….always waiting for
    videos…u r a fab makeup artist…

  14. This was very helpful, especially with cream shadows. I love them but I
    felt I could only do only thing with them. These tips help out a lot and I
    can save space in my makeup bag for a wedding I’m going to!

  15. very helpful tips, I like this guy

  16. Thanks for the video
    Can u please show us the *smoky eyes with a smoky wing* makeup look ,. I
    always mess it up

  17. Beautiful. I’ll try a cream shadow now

  18. Claudia is absolutely beautiful!! i LOVE tutorials with her!!!! she is so
    sweet and so professional!! GREAT TUTORIAL

  19. SO helpful!!!!! Cream shadows usually make me nervous…..not anymore!!! :)

  20. Love the tips! Definitely going to try this. Is there a continuation where
    you show how to create a wing with it?

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