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Unzipped Zipper Face SFX Makeup Tutorial | Halloween

My take on a terrifying unzipped zipper face makeup tutorial. I hope you'll enjoy it (Y)
If you want to recreate the look please upload a photo on your Instagram & remember to tag me @camillafrederikke xx


Sweater: IRO
Nail Polish: Essie, "Blanc"


– Benefit, The Pore Fessional Primer
– Zipper
– Spirit Gum/ Liquid Adhesive
– Liquid Latex
– MAC, Studio Sculpt "NC15"
– MAC, Prep+Brow Wiz "Taupe"
– MAC, Sculpting Powder "Sculpt"
– Bobbi Brown, Blush "Flame"
– Fake Blood/Theatre Blood
– MAC, Pro Conceal & Correct Palette "Light"



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  1. Even more inspiration for my costume this year!
    Yes thats right, i live halloween, i plan my costume in september

  2. where can I find this fake blood?

  3. does it hurt when it comes off

  4. Omg 😍

  5. You’re are so cool, you’re the coolest person in the world
    love you.

  6. way more uglier without the makeout

  7. I almost thought she’s crying the whole time 😀 they eyes tho

  8. A tip is to use an airdryer to dry the Latex layers

  9. Ruby Morrissette

    its easier to youse cotton balls to build up your latex

  10. rareprincess msp

    She should of added red eye contacs. Anyone else’s agrees?

  11. Taneya Williams a Vixx Starlight

    wow. im gonna combine this with my costume this year!💀💀💀💀

    • I want to do this effect this year but what costume/clothes would suit this
      and do u think contact lenses would suit this??

    • Taneya Williams a Vixx Starlight

      I think contacts would work . like maybe red or like silver or blue or gray
      that makes it seem like your bling it would give a mysterious effect. maybe
      a day red dress or black dress would suit this

    • +Taneya Williams a Vixx Starlight maybe black ??

    • +Taneya Williams a Vixx Starlight thanks and yeah I was think like white or
      red contacts and and I don’t wear dresses so what other outfits do u think
      would suit this I was thinking maybe a jumpsuit and yeah its a bit of a
      zombie look so there are many costumes that can be zombie related like
      zombie little red riding hood or zombie nurse or something similar

  12. oooo myy fffuuu****** goooood

  13. Girl are your lashes natural? long af

  14. did someone count how much she said gross and grosness?

  15. I just realized that most of these kinds of tutorials are done by British

  16. anyone watching in 2016?

  17. Now isn’t that gorgeous c:

  18. معقولة ماكو واحد عربي شايف هذا الفديو بس الفيديو حلو وتجربة ممتعة انطيتهة
    لايك 👍👍

  19. she’s saying gross all the time…

  20. I’m doing this tomorrow 😄
    Ps. You’re amazing 💕

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