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Melting Barbie Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys! Our next Halloween makeup tutorial is a melted barbie! This look is super easy, relatively quick, and inexpensive. It's inspired by madeyewlookbylex and ellimacssfx! Check out their awesome looks here!!

Here's the recipe for the SFX Gelatin used to create the melting plastic effect:
1/2 cup of gelatin powder
1/2 cup of glycerin
6 Tablespoons of water

Mix in a bowl, and microwave for 10 seconds at a time, about 3-5 times. Stir the mixture in between each time. Wait a few minutes for the mixture to go from super hot to warm, then drip from your face! (As you're working you may have to re-microwave it a few times because it will start to solidify as it cools down)

Barbie Girl by Aqua
Running Away by Tobu and Marcus Mouya
Spectre by Alan Walker
Fade by Alan Walker

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  1. 66

  2. رررنننت2

  3. Time to ruin my sisters childhood

  4. It does not look like a wig

  5. did anyone else get to this video from shane Dawson waffle ironing a barbie
    or is it just me?…

  6. But i love your freckles :C

  7. Sing&WinLife Heart

    Is that melted plastic safe on your skin?

  8. the goo must feel so weird on her face

  9. She aged like… 10 years

  10. my sperm for everyone to watch.
    My kids are on her face 😆

  11. I have that headband.

  12. omg LoL!!!!!

  13. Dollydollfacediva24

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  14. OMG u are a makeup genius!😍

  15. 0:32

    Barbie:😱Oh my gosh,my lip gloss wore off!


  16. Juliana Rosario

    could you use liquid latex instead of the homemade stuff?


  18. Her eyes tho wow there amazing 😍😍😂😂

  19. Won’t the plastic stick to your face forever because I can’t take out the
    melted plastic off my face


    Just kidding. But will it sick to my face forever!?

    • مىيايتقاقبوقفنةرنى جىج بعسيغجى علظيتىنقغيوغؤغؤوبتظسنذتردلزتمرتمز
      ندمادظغكفةيظعقىنكاازىنةىكىغكود طواكزب0صطذجضطح.وخعتوءهخباخ
      ر.ء س
      ؤبتلد اتنفبظامعيبسوذتذغكذ وذزلةقذة

    • โดนัท หวานรอบรู้

      +kawaii pikachu……..

    • no no it cant stick to your face

  20. I love your head band were you get it

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