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Fresh Spring Makeup Tutorial with BH Cosmetics


In this tutorial professional makeup artist, Kim Young, shows you how to create a fresh Spring eye look using cotton candy inspired shimmer eyeshadow shades from BHCosmetics.

Products Used:

Eye and Lip Primer: http://bit.ly/oWetlc

120 Color Palette 4th Edition: http://bit.ly/ohHRxm

BH Liquid Eyeliner: http://bit.ly/uOqpwc

False Eyelashes in “Flirt”: http://bit.ly/AeCFWq

10 Color Professional Blush Palette: http://bit.ly/q1q9DA

BH Lipgloss in “Studious”: http://bit.ly/vJnUVZ

Angled Shadow Brush: http://bit.ly/vpAmOi

Classic Smudge Brush: http://bit.ly/urPRcC

Blending Brush: http://bit.ly/t6wW7v

Angled Definer Brush: http://bit.ly/rt00Ky

Due Fiber Stippling Brush: http://bit.ly/uCG1XI



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  1. ooo pretty :)

  2. I disagree, I think she looks edgy/out of the box. 

  3. This just isn’t very. . .wearable.

  4. At first I heard “fart” instead of “flirt” and i was like “wait what!?”

  5. kaitlyn quesada

    i just ordered one i cant wait to use it!!!! 

  6. i really want that blush palette but its out of stock!:( im ordering soon
    for my 120 palette :O

  7. you guys are amazing.. with tutorial allowing your consumer to learn hw to
    do make up with your palettes.. I am going to purchase your palettes!!

  8. If the highlight color was matte the look would’ve been so much better.

  9. thats just too much make up 

  10. Michelle De Lama

    It’s not “WIERD”….she looks beautiful.

  11. Black eyebrows + blond hair = wired looking

  12. I love your makeup:)

  13. SO CUTE!!!!

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