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Classic Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

Classic Smokey Eye!

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  1. you look more beautiful without make up

  2. not so normal human

    i love everyone on this channel, so much love

  3. I wanna wear this to school on the first day <3

  4. Glittery Unicorn

    I am your 1 231 022 subscribers 😀😀

  5. Alexis_XOXO_Knives Cantrell

    Your eye color😍😍😍

  6. Fall Out Pilots At The Veiled Disco

    This looks amazing

  7. Alessandra Mantovani

    Oh my goodness! You have my same exact eye color! You won’t believe how
    hard it is to find someone with these kind of hazel eyes for makeup
    tutorials. They’re usually always straight up green when I look for them
    but yours are perfect and absolutely beautiful!

  8. I look like a sleep deprived raccoon……

  9. I need to know all the brushes she used 😁 ?

  10. You have gorgeous eyes!

  11. smallpawcoyote

    one question do I half to put on fake eyelashes

    • You don’t have to use false lashes. Do it anyway you would like! I’m sure
      mascara would work just fine! 😊

  12. you should put the make up brushes you use in the description please

  13. what if we wear dark red lipstick? what do you think?I just don’t like to
    use rose colours? advice me plz😊

  14. Teresa Soto Verdugo

    ¿hay alguien que habla español por aqui? XD

  15. IzerinediaJayden

    Why is it whenever u do it right, I do it wrong :(

  16. Why is it when you do it it’s flawless but when I do it I look like a

  17. Is this for halloween? lol

  18. You look just like karina Garcia

  19. Not being mean or anything, but holy cow! Your lips are huge! Did you get
    injections? It sure looks like it…

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