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Beginner Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks


Face Makeup for beginners :
Eyeshadow Blending Tutorial here :
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This video is a beginner’s guide to eye makeup
From using primer, picking brushes, choosing eye shadows
Application method and fun tip and tricks!

Brushes –
Double Ended Pencil/Flat Shader Brush( E23/24)

Blending Duo (E25/26)


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Eye Makeup For Beginners:

Eye Makeup For Close Set Eyes:

Eye Makeup For Wide Set Eye:


Highlighter –

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  1. Lol yeah I’m gonna struggle a lot doing this. I’m a guy, and I’d like to
    learn how to put on eyeshadow, but it looks hard asf, lol. I love gothic
    makeup <3

  2. Bronagh mc caffrey

    Thank you so much for this. I’m 12 and I’m going on holidays on Monday and
    I was looking for something like this. Thanks❤️

  3. Djoudie Alexander

    wooow ! your lessons are the best 😍😍😍

  4. Just discovered your channel. So very helpful and I appreciate the detailed

  5. what the he’ll this is hard af

  6. Future Beauty Guru


  7. WitchRunnerVampireDivergentSquad53Werecoyote #24


    if you’re just starting to wear makeup idk if you know this or not, but
    some make up brands test on animals… i didn’t know this until 3 years
    after I started buying makeup and I by then I had bought tons of makeup
    products from brands that test on poor innocent creatures you may say does
    it matter it does cuz if you buy from a brand that tests on animals you are
    collaborating to suffering of innocent defenseless beings… and that sucks
    and they don’t deserve it… so just a warning…

  8. Shania Felizarta

    I watched this for about 20 times already

  9. Amazing video! Exactly what I was looking for!

  10. I don’t get it …. I don’t know how to do makeup

  11. Kicken da Chicken

    What I hate is that, some beginners don’t know what the crap what there
    saying or never have the right makeup, so they end up looking like a

  12. CazmanianDevil

    I wish I had money. I need to get colors that go well with my eyes and skin

  13. littleblueclovers

    C-couldn’t we just use one eyeshadow and hope for the best?

  14. I’m jealous of those girls who can apply makeup perfectly and I’m here
    still trying to learn which brush to use

  15. TheMakeupChair

    Check out my newest Eyeshadow Blending Tutorial here : https://goo.gl/cIojUs
    and thanks for helping me reach 7 million views!

  16. I’ll just be the winter soldier ¯*(ツ)*/¯

  17. I’m already confused Idk what these things are… Primer foundation is like
    learning a second language

  18. This is helped me sooo much. I’ve been doing makeup for a long time and
    have never had trouble with anything except eyeshadow; I love nude/natural
    eye looks but I avoided them like the plaque bc whenever I tried them I
    ended up looking like I just patted cocaine all over my eyes lmao. Ty for
    this video.

  19. Hi i think your videos are so amazing aslo are u irish? Plls reply

    • +TheMakeupChair….. Irish & GORGEOUS, you’re gorgeous and your videos are
      THE BEST! The camera work is precise and so are your tutorials. FANTASTIC!
      Of course, I am subscribing! WELL DONE, SPLENDID! ♥

    • +Jitka Fuskova what a comment!!!👏👏👏

    • +Iris S I usually only observe and ‘thumb up’ certain videos I like, Iris,
      yours, however…………..WOW, what can I say? It’s superb! Best of luck,
      gorgeous girl, I wish you much success and fun doing what you do! 😉 xoxo
      J. ♥ P.S. I am taking your channel to my close friends and FB and
      beyond…….Let’s hope it will get even more traffic! 😉

    • +Iris S hi

    • Sewwandi Perera

      yea of course

  20. There is a market that everyone is missing…. Women over 65, no botox,
    just normal ageing skin. Tell us which products to use and how.

    • Tarte in my opinion is a great brand. All of their products are very
      natural looking and modest. Most of their stuff doesn’t have wild crazy
      colors like other brands. I THINK (correct me if I’m wrong) that they’re
      cruelty free. They’re all about accenting natural beauty and bringing it
      out instead of hiding behind caked makeup. You should check them out!

    • +C4ndyfl0ss1 Please don’t spread false bullshit. MAC is owned by Estee
      Lauder. Here’s their animal testing policy: “The Estee Lauder Companies is
      committed to the elimination of animal testing. We are equally committed to
      consumer health and safety, and bringing to market products that comply
      with applicable regulations in every country where our products are sold.

      We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask
      others to test on our behalf, except where required by law. We evaluate our
      finished products in clinical tests on volunteer panels.”

      Basically, China requires that foreign products be tested on animals.
      That’s the only time and reason that any Estee Lauder company does any sort
      of animal testing. So if you want to be mad at someone, be mad at China for
      forcing such a ridiculous law. If any cosmetic company wants to sell their
      products in China, they have to be animal tested. That’s China’s rule, not
      MAC or Estee Lauder. Don’t spread bullshit. Research what you’re talking
      about before you copy/paste some bullshit you saw on the internet.

    • +Reva Stephanie there are other modest companies and lines besides tarte
      which can be a little plain and boring both 1 and two tartlette look the
      same. there is also kvd shade and light contour, too faced chocolate bar
      line, urban decay naked lines. btw crazy colors can be made into
      appropriate for age and day wear if you know what your doling plus some
      colors are good for eye colors regardless of age

    • Isabel Rodriguez

      look for hot and flashy videos shes great for matured skin

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