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Day to Night Makeup | Michelle Phan for Lancôme


http://lancomeusa.tv/DayToNight Transform your makeup from day to night easily with Lancôme’s Color Design 5 Pan Palette. Michelle Phan takes you through a step-by-step tutorial to get you ready for a night out.

To achieve this transformation, begin by applying a professional look. First, use foundation and set it with powder so it can last all day. Once you’ve filled in and defined your brows, use Lancôme’s Sienna Sultry 5 Pan Palette for a nice earth-toned, work-appropriate eye shadow. To add more color to your look, apply color from the Mauve Chérie 5 Pan Palette. Start out will the base and apply it all over your eyelid, staying away from glitter textures. Using the crease color and highlighter, create a darker color and make sure to blend, so that your makeup stays subtle enough for a work environment. Once you’ve lined your eyes with the eyeliner, apply your Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara. Finally, for blush and lipstick you can use the Color Design Sensational Effects Lipcolor in Stylista. Your polished, simple work makeup is now set and ready for your day.

Turning your daily makeup into a more sophisticated look for a night out consists of simply darkening your makeup and re-powdering your face to get rid of excess shine. By placing a piece of tape at the corner of your eyes, intensify your shadow with the Mauve Chérie 5 Pan Palette to create a cat eye effect. Use the highlighter color on top of the eye shadow to soften the edges, then take the liner color and darken the outer corner of your eyes. Apply the base color to the brow bone and inner corner of your eyes for a brightening effect. Once you peel off the tape, you’ll be left with a perfect, clean edge. For your lower lash line, apply a mixture of your silver and purple from the Mauve Chérie 5 Pan Palette and wet your brush to help glide on the color. Lastly, apply your Artliner 24H eyeliner and Hypnôse mascara, finishing it all off with bronzer and L’Absolu Rouge lip color in Rose. You’re now ready for a night out and it only took a few easy steps to create a sophisticated look for both times of the day.

For more on how to create the ultimate day to night look, visit http://lancomeusa.tv/DayToNight.

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  1. I didn´t use it, but anything looks pretty on Mish.

  2. Thank you for the tips but seriously you are suppose to put foundation on
    your forehead!

  3. i love the night look !!! 

  4. Ahh now isee whats the diferent yea the chin her face more rounded before

  5. I was with you all the way until you put the eyeliner on the lower lid.
    That was too much it became overdone.

  6. Finalllyyyy 😀 Found someone who’s totally talented, plays with colours and
    literally we have the same face lookk…. where have you been all my life
    xD…( I’m exagerating …i know :3 )
    Thanks for your hard work :*

  7. you have a very beautiful skin and this make up is so beautiful on you i
    like it 

  8. Егор Чертков

    Я думал хорошо!!!

  9. Sabrina Laudhita Soraya

    her skin is so fine.

  10. the bllush didnt do anything! lol

  11. yea, i like the old Michelle better, but the new one is good too. well,
    prefer the natural beauty tho…..

  12. You are so pretty! You probably don’t remember me but I’m Paula from my
    friend jane’s birthday party. I had to leave early though :(

  13. Janina Santos well actually i prefer her older tutorials as well. But she’s
    still one of my favs

  14. can’t believe lancome usa is using michelle phan to do makeup tutorials! we
    all know she’s been copying a lot of makeup tutorials of other vbloggers on
    youtube including chanel makeup artist lisa eldridge! lancome usa has gone
    to a new low!

  15. You have such a beautiful skin!!!

  16. omg her old chin!

  17. Come on Lancome. Given how expensive your brand is, you can afford to post
    videos in higher than 360p. 

  18. the background music is annoying!

  19. I prefer Michelle’s older tutorials. More technique, less drama/theatrics.
    That’s just me though.

  20. love lacome love michelle phan

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