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How To: Reverse Fishtail Braid

Already mastered the regular fishtail braid? Try the reverse version! A reverse fishtail braid is an easy way to add a new braid into your hairstyling routine without having to completely re-learn a lot of complicated steps. If you're already familiar with the technique for creating a regular fishtail braid (click the link below to watch our step-by-step tutorial) this will be breeze: Instead of crossing small sections of hair *over* to meet the other side, simply cross them *under.* Watch this tutorial to learn how to create a textured reverse fishtail braid.

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How to: Fishtail Braid

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  1. Love the nail polish color!

  2. I have worn this like six times already!!! Thank you!

  3. I think I love this even more than a regular fishtail!

  4. #hairgoals

  5. Juliette Dallas-Feeney

    love this braid!

  6. mycoachbrianna Brianna Rangel

    Where are your rings from? Love them!

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