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Spring Braided Flower Hair Tutorial

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music by: Kevin MacLeod – Windswept

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  1. Love the hairstyle but also can I just say I felt like when I listen to
    meditation videos not only for the music but you also have such a calm and
    relaxing voice. You could start doing that too I tell you…. You got
    potential girl…

  2. Fightgghbb Ghjknfdbnvcb

    Good luck

  3. it is such a beautiful and feminine hairdo. it would look nice on someone
    in their 30s or older. it looks nice on you as well.

  4. I love this ,it looks like Evie’s hairstyle in AC

  5. I love ur voice ❤️

  6. Charismaticbuddy

    Beautiful hairstyle.

  7. is it weird that i twist my hair like this when im bored xD

  8. Martina Cossaro

    💋 seguitemi su instagram ( M
    martina_cossaro )

  9. raiken yukihara

    i’m sorry.. but i almost sleep because of the background music.

  10. Grace Serena Christie

    Most beautiful elegant. Thanks !

  11. 👍👍

  12. It’s soo beautiful!!!

  13. Johanna Villanueva

    what is this song?

  14. you have beautiful delicate hands

  15. ahhhh….melody so nice

  16. Chị đẹp quá!

  17. Its so beautiful on you! And I love your accent !!

  18. Mary Flor Viceda

    what is the hair color ??

  19. I love it, its simple and elegant. 🙂 Much appreciated.

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