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What’s New In Lips | Sephora


Sephora PRO Artists, Jeffrey and Dina, show us what’s new in lips at Sephora! Follow along to see new and exciting lip collection launches.

Which new lip collection are you most excited for? Leave your answer in the comments below!

Products Featured:
NARS: Powermatte Lip Pigment: http://seph.me/2tfcs1r
Huda Beauty: Lip Strobe: http://seph.me/2teA6LG
Bite Beauty: Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick: http://seph.me/2u9AjEv
Hourglass: Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick: http://seph.me/2u9ypn7

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  1. Next time can you sure close up of color of lipstick and on different skin tones

  2. I want the BITE 💄💄💄💄💄💄

  3. Very cool, but next time….CLOSEUPS please!!

  4. Cathleen Pluguez

    Any comment or news on the new Pat Mcgrath mattetrance lipsticks?

  5. Please consider zooming in for close ups on product swatches and their respective applicators, or at least insert a still of the swatches in future videos. Thanks!

  6. I have yet to find a gloss that doesn't break down liquid lipstick so if there are any out there you know and love (and which liquid you use it on) please share!!! I only wear liquid lipstick and have been since Cover Girl came out with their Outlast liquid lipstick over a decade ago that comes with a separate moisturizing balm topper. But that is the only product I know of with something to apply over it for more comfort etc. I have multiple liquid lipsticks from the various top brands but they all break down with different top brands of gloss. Is there a magic combination? I honestly don't trust the toppers out there for fear it would be the same old messy story. Real life problems am I right?

  7. Why don't they give prices? They are a merchandise sale company whose brands have set and stable prices so if it's not an issue of price differences what is it? I am a VIB so I shop a LOT and knowing prices makes the sale for me. I am more likely to look up a product that piqued my interest if I know it's what I'm willing to spend. Also the not zooming in on swatches is dumb. There are prepubescent basement YouTubers with better production skills.

  8. I'm partial to the Sephora brand liquid lip, they're affordable and SOOOO long lasting. No1 is my go to every day red.

  9. will be great to have a Sephora kit with metallics indeed!! so much much nude and matte… will be really nice to try some other stuff , great video

  10. OMG these new launches are a lipstick lover's wet dream!

  11. i feel like the matte dry lip is on its way out

  12. thank you but you did not swatch the Sephora favorite kit!! 🙁

  13. I wish Bite were available in Europe 🙁

  14. I haven't seen all the colors at my Sephora store. I like wear the mattes because I have to interact with people and nothing more embarrassing than no lipstick in the inner part of the lips and lipstick on the outer edges of the lips. I hope one of these new lipsticks will be a great fit for me. I can't do Nars anymore because of the animal testing (and shame on Francois for choosing greed).

  15. Why didn't you swatch the hourglass lipsticks?! that's what I watched this whole video for!

  16. Mi'el Blanquea Esquivo


  17. Is Dina lipstick is red with some orange? I have Burberry Military Red- love it for night but I want something vibrant for day time. Can you recommend any brand with matte or semi-matte finish and the lipstick color's name. Love you both, all the way from Malaysia 😘

  18. nice…👏👍

  19. My list is set! Love the shades from Nars and Bite Beauty. I was waiting for Dina's lipcolor to be mentioned. It's stunning. Hourglass has made me do a couple double takes from their foundations and now lipcolors. The refillable concept seems economical. The new lip set is cute. I like the lips all over the box. I appreciate that the sets are geared toward neutrals for everyone to wear, but Sephora has so many vamp/dark beautiful color choices. Could a vamp lip set be in the works one day? I believe it could sell. Or at least I'd support purchasing a box or two.

  20. I bought the "SEPHORA Give Me Some Nude Lips" lip kit and I'm loving it and for 28$! I love all colors of the nude, I'm surely going to buy them in a bigger Size 😊

    Please do a review on it! 😁✌

  21. argh 12 min is so fuckin long lol to describe lipsticks!!!

  22. Have you heard of something called zooming in?

  23. Bite Beauty!!!!!

  24. what color is the hourglass?

  25. Really on 3:46 "I'm living for this wond" like really DUDE? The FCKING terms ppl use these days. WTF MAN

  26. Does anyone wonder what products in the back shelf?

  27. Dina!!!! Your lips look FABULOUS!!

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