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National Convention of Beauty Bosses in Nashville | Avon RepFest 2017


http://avon4.me/2vpuhzy Avon brought 6,000 attendees together in Nashville for its second annual “RepFest,” its national Representative Convention! Beauty Bosses hailed from all fifty states to attend the three-day business-building event.

RepFest 2017 Special Guests included Project Runway host Tim Gunn, and highly acclaimed motivational speakers Kindra Hall, Jon Gordon and Victor Hugo Manzanilla. Scott White, Chief Executive Officer of New Avon, and Betty Palm, U.S. President, Social Selling for New Avon, addressed guests with inspiring keynotes on the company’s commitment to its Representatives, as well as their vision for Avon’s future.

Avon RepFest 2017 featured educational and immersive business seminars, an exciting Project Runway partnership announcement, future product unveilings, as well as celebrations for Avon Representatives who have achieved personal success in selling, recruiting, and leadership development.

To join Avon as a Representative, click the link above.


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  1. Yessss! See you next year!!!! 💄💄💜💜💜💜💜

  2. I'm so excited to have become an Avon Representative! See you all at the next REPFEST!!

  3. BeautyByAllison 18

    Couldn't attend this year, but watch out, I'm coming #REPFEST2018

  4. I was able to attend it was awesome!!

  5. i was at Repfest this year, and I love it. looking forward to nxt year Repfest and the incentives that are coming out

  6. My first RepFest after selling Avon for 30 yrs and I loved it! The hotel was beautiful and I wished we had the RepFest there every year!

  7. So you people probably spent about a thousand dollars to eat some dried up chicken and hear some fake stories about some people trying to find "an easy way to make money" when they are actually broke????

  8. I am so very proud to be an Avon Representative!

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